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Tugbong (tûgbông) is a Pandan-karay-a word meaning, to go to town, This native word is seldom used by today’s younger generation or even no longer existing in their vocabulary. In the past this has been a common password of barrio folks used with excitement when they have to go to town for a variety of significant reasons. We usually hear, “matugbong ta” from somebody going to town to sell their products and/or, to do marketing especially during market days, to attend church services, to make some important transactions in the Municipal Hall or other government agencies, to go to school like Pandan Central School and PBI – the pioneering elementary and secondary schools respectively, to participate in and to witness the municipal fiesta, and many more. One goes to town for an important reason. This means that to “tugbong” is to let something good to happen to a person, to one’s family, or to a community.

Significantly, during town fiestas, almost everybody goes “tugbong” to be part of or to witness the annual celebration of thanksgiving and merrymaking. At present the need to promote the rich and diverse culture of our town is one of the major concerns of this municipality. To showcase all the best in different barangays of Pandan in terms of their natural as well as human resources, their products, eco-tourist spots, history and culture, legends and many more is our reason to “tugbong”. By doing so more tourists, local or foreigners, may come to join the Pandananons. This will be the “bilad-kinamayad” (to showcase all that is good and desirable in us, Pandananons) – the replica and trademark of our local heritage as the Pandananons’ way of living up the values, culture and traditions while preserving them as legacy for the next generation.

Reviving the use of the word “tugbong” will have a more significant meaning – to go to town for the annual celebration of the Municipal Fiesta. This will be the time when Pandananons abroad as well tourists to “tugbong” – associate, mingle, enjoy, in short, immerse themselves with Pandananons who are coming from the different barangays with their local festivities they showcase. The variety of talents emanating and harnessed from every barangay will eventually draw a vast crowd because everybody wants to “tugbong”. Thus, we will be proud of being a Pandananon if we are acquainted with our roots.

Tugbong Festival is a Pandananon way of coming together to showcase the best of its cultural heritage in all aspects of life from the height, length and breadth of its geographic location. Tugbong Festival is a means of promoting Pandan’s best. “Tugbong” for a noble cause – a sustainable development of Pandan, with the aspiration that although there is diversity, Pandananons will have unity.

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